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Meridian Stress Assessment

What is Meridian Stress Assessment?

Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA), also known as Bio-Energetic Stress Testing, or Electro Dermal Screening, is a method of assessing energy Imbalances in the body. This test measures electrical resistance at 58 acupoints on the hands and feet. These points represent the organs, glands, and systems of the body and the measured results provide an indication of their current state of health.

Why MSA testing is important

Disease states are present in the body's electromagnetic field long before they manifest into disease. For exmple, you may have the common cold virus energetically present in your system but not yet present any common cold symptoms. MSA testing can enable you to see which systems are under stress so that prompt action can be taken to prevent these weaknesses from advancing to disease.

There are several different non-invasive and painless tests available that can reveal:

  • 58 point organ and gland function status
  • the presence of bacteria, parasites and viruses
  • the presence of yeast, molds, candida
  • food, chemical and environmental sensitivies
  • heavy metal and chemical
  • nutritional deficiencies

Based on your individual bio-chemistry, testing can provide the means of early detection of problem areas or disease, therefore providing an effective means of prevention and possible correction.

How the Test Works

A Stylus is gently pressed at each acupoint and measures the degree of electrical response (energy) to determine whether the organ is in a balanced, stressed, or weakened state. A scale of 0 - 100 is used to assess the electrical response of the point, with a reading of 50 being the ideal, above 50 indicating stress or inflammation, and below 50 indicating weakness or degeneration. With this non-intrusive method of testing, there is no piercing of the skin, and no electrical impulses or pain is felt.

Results are accurate and consistent.

Meridian points on the hands and feet

The MSA device used at the clinic is listed with Health Canada as a Class II Medical Device but is not used to diagnose disease—only doctors can diagnose. Accurate interpretation of the results are most important and are used as a guideline to develop an individual program that will enable patients to become increasingly involved with their own health care.